The Ethos of Natural Burial

Natural burial grounds, also known as green burial grounds, are an increasingly popular way to give back to the earth at the end of your life by minimising your environmental impact and actually having a positive effect on the land. Being sustainable is our number one aim, the burials have minimal environmental impact due to the use of 100% biodegradable coffins or shrouds, as well as removing the embalming process which involves toxic chemicals.

The site is engineered with the growth of wildlife and improved biodiversity as the focus, the site will be a clean and tranquil resting place, and an enjoyable place to visit a relative and a site where you can be a part of its development and growth. The site will be also be sustainable in the way that it will last for many generations which is very reassuring to families and a benefit to wildlife and ecology.

Natural burial grounds are also popular as they welcome all faiths and allow non-traditional funerals, allowing families to be more flexible with what kind of celebration they want. Families also do not have to use a funeral director if they do not want to. We also think it is important to spend as much time as you need at the site so we have no back-to-back funerals, therefore family and friends of your loved one can be at the site all day after a burial if they wish.

Our wildflower meadow will be left alone during growing months to encourage wildlife and pollinaters to thrive, however paths will always be mown and maintained all throughout the year.

We aim to make the site a beautiful and tranquil final resting place for loved ones and a tranquil place for close friends and family to visit during what is a very difficult time, we hope to make the difficult experience of losing a loved one a little bit easier by creating an inviting environment surrounded by nature.

If you would like to learn more about natural burial grounds or need advice, we recommend looking at The Natural Death Centre website: