The Meadow, Trees and Plaques

The flowers in the wildflower meadow are shown above, these were added along with a premium grass mix. The grass mix includes:

Slender Creeping Red Fesuce

Chewings Fescue

Smooth Stalk Meadow Grass

Common Bent

Crested Dogstail

Small Leaf Timothy


Common Hornbeam

Sweet Chestnut

Common Hawthorn


Crab Apple

Wild Cherry

Common Oak


Small-Leaved Lime

Common Hazel


Common Yew

Scots Pine


Plots will have a memorial grave plaque placed at the time of interment, this can be purchased at the time of interment along with interment fees.

The plaques are slate and flat so they blend in with the natural environment, this also means they can be mowed over once a year to maintain the wildflower meadow. Ashes plots will have smaller plaques as the plot is smaller.

Plaques must be purchased from us.