Wildflower Meadow Plots

At The Vale of Belvoir Natural Burial Ground we offer wildflower meadow burial plots.

These are plots surrounded by a wildflower meadow with various trees around the site. If you want to know what trees and wildflower mix we have, click here>. We cannot currently offer memorial trees or anything planted on top of graves except wildflower meadow mix, this is to ensure the beautiful panoramic views of the site remain uninterrupted.

Each plot is 3m x 1.5m and is suitable for a single coffin. Plots next to each other can be reserved however, this depends on availability. Therefore, booking double plots in advance together is advisable. Specific areas or plots cannot be reserved.

Only eco-friendly coffins and shrouds are allowed. Please be mindful when picking these as some contain non-ecofriendly aspects such as metal handles or toxic glues. We recommend a basic cardboard coffin however wicker, wool or willow are also popular choices. Bodies that are in a body bag or have been embalmed will not be accepted.

You can book a plot through our website or through us directly. We require you to fill out a plot reservation form around the time of purchase, this can be found below:

Burials and Grave Plots