Frequently Asked Questions

Can two people go in one grave?
We unfortunately cannot do this as the grave would be too deep, this would cause anaerobic decomposition which releases methane, a greenhouse gas. Truly green graves are shallower in depth than normal 6ft graves to prevent methane from forming.

Do you sell plots next to each other?
Yes, however this depends on availability, booking early at the same time can guarantee this for you.

Do you charge more if you’re not from the area?
No, we do not do this like municipal cemeteries do.

What will happen to the site in the future?
Burials prevent any type of future development on the site, therefore guaranteeing the long term existence of this green space for generations to come. This is reassuring to families and extremely beneficial for the environment as we are losing many green areas in the UK.

Can memorials be left on the graves?
As we are a natural burial ground we cannot allow anything other than natural cut flowers, foliage and herbs with all plastic sheeting and ties removed from them. Once these start to die, we can then remove them for you.

Can I book a plot before I die?
Yes, pre-bookings can be made, doing this can secure a specific spot at today’s price and can relieve some of the pressures off your family at the time of your death.

Can I plant a tree?
Memorial trees cannot be planted on graves as we currently only offer wildflower meadow burial plots. However, we hope to offer a memorial wood in the near future where a memorial tree can be planted next to the site in a designated area.

Would we own the plot of land?
No, you just own the right of burial on that plot.

Do we have to use a funeral director?
No, however you will need to arrange for someone to look after your loved one between the time of death and the burial. If you need someone to do this then it is best to look for a more flexible funeral director that can assist with just this stage of the process. We can recommend some flexible funeral directors for you.

Is there a time limit for a funeral at the site?
No, you can stay up there all day if you wish, there is no rush as there are no back to back funerals.

What coffin can I use?
All coffins used must be 100% biodegradable including the lining, biodegradable shrouds can also be used. We recommend a basic cardboard coffin. When purchasing a coffin be mindful of how ‘green’ they actually are. For example, some can be made from wood imported from unsustainable logging forests, this actually gives them a very large carbon footprint, some also use toxic glue or contain metal handles. We can recommend coffin makers for you.

Can I have any type of ceremony?
Yes, our site is for any faith and religion, or for those with no religion at all.

Can we hold a service elsewhere (e.g in a Church/Chapel) and then come for the burial? 
Yes, you are able to organise any kind of funeral provided you respect the date and time that has been fixed for the interment at the burial ground. 

Are dogs allowed?
We only allow dogs with relatives visiting loved ones and they must be kept on a lead at all times, any dog poo must be picked up and taken home.

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